Of all the bouquets a person may hold in their life, the bridal bouquet might be one of the most important.


More than just an arrangement of flowers, the bouquet must also be strong to weather the day’s activities and the final throw to the bridesmaids. It also needs to be free of imperfections, glowing with colour and beauty, like the bride herself.


To create the arrangement, you will learn the foundational bouquet spiralling technique, a key skill that you can use for all your bouquet creations, in addition to classic flower conditioning.


For those who love to compose elegant creations with romantic appeal and an abundance of roses, this is the must-take tutorial.

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To create an exquisite bridal bouquet, there are several key techniques to apply. In this tutorial you will learn

  • Correct flower conditioning for roses, lilies and other delicate flowers like ranunculus

  • How to safely remove thorns and cut you rose bases

  • Tricks to help your flowers bloom at their peak

  • The bouquet spiralling and grouping technique

  • How to craft a subtle, modern dome shape

  • How to compose a bridal bouquet that is balanced in shape and colour

  • Two styles of ribbon placement

  • Sizing proportions of the bouquet to the bride



All online flower school tutorials and floral design classes are conducted by Kaye Anthon, the founder of ATELIER A.

She is known for her expertise, training, and innovation in the world of floristry, flower arrangement, and floral composition.

After working for years in floristry, Kaye decided to share her knowledge and experience with students. She wants to share her love for flowers with the whole world!