Dome bouquets are a florist staple that will never go out for style. Combining romance, aesthetics and the iconic bouquet flower, roses, they always make a show-stopping addition to your home.


They also make generous gifts that will impress loved ones with their grandeur. Ensuring your bouquet doesn’t look like just any old flower arrangement, master florist Kaye Anthon gives you tips and tricks that add modern flair to your bouquet, while also allowing you to add in your own creative flourishes for a personal touch.


The end result is a dome bouquet that is unique, inspired and blooming with creativity.

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Master florist, Kaye Anthon carefully teaches you the fundamentals of bouquet flower arrangement in this tutorial. You will learn techniques that will serve as the basis for most bouquets, giving you an excellent variety of skillsets in your back pocket. These include

  • Flower care: How roses, eucalyptus and eustomia need to be trimmed and primed 

  • Safe thorn removal

  • How to spiral your groupings and foliage evenly

  • How to peel and trim a clean stem

  • Why your stems shouldn’t have leaves touching the water

  • How to keep your bouquet uniform, dome-shaped and tightly bound together



All online flower school tutorials and floral design classes are conducted by Kaye Anthon, the founder of ATELIER A.

She is known for her expertise, training, and innovation in the world of floristry, flower arrangement, and floral composition.

After working for years in floristry, Kaye decided to share her knowledge and experience with students. She wants to share her love for flowers with the whole world!