Large, pastoral flower arrangements add uplifting colour and finesse to your home. 


Using two differently sized vessels, you can craft a sweet and stunning centrepiece that welcomes spring to your home with seasonal flowers in bold hues of yellow.


Using the form of the large and wild-looking forsythia branches, this creation lets you blend classics like daffodils (narcissus) and irises into a modern arrangement with charm and monochromatic appeal.


  • Ratio basics

  • Proper branch cutting and cleaning techniques for the forsythia branches

  • How to make forsythia bloom faster

  • How to design a rustic flower grouping for two vases

  • Branch placement and structural basics

  • Flower grouping with yellow freesia, iris and narcissus

  • How to make a monochromatic colour scheme that pops with texture and variety

  • How to properly trim and clean the various flowers



All online flower school tutorials and floral design classes are conducted by Kaye Anthon, the founder of ATELIER A.

She is known for her expertise, training, and innovation in the world of floristry, flower arrangement, and floral composition.

After working for years in floristry, Kaye decided to share her knowledge and experience with students. She wants to share her love for flowers with the whole world!