The presence of a large statement flower piece can make a lasting statement for your home, work place or event.


Among the first things people see when they walk into a space, it is meant to draw the eye, captivate and enchant the senses with floral beauty from top to bottom.


Creating an arrangement of such a large size takes skill, however, and learning how to make one correctly will take your through many fundamental skills of floristry, such as flower conditioning, composition, aesthetics and foliage preparation.


You can learn it all in this tutorial while ending up with a massive and majestic flower centrepiece that you’ll love.

Sum_Massive Basket
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Kaye Anthon, expert florist, will guide you on proper sizing, cutting and arrangement techniques to ensure you basket and flower arrangement looks large yet cultivated. The arrangement for a large basket requires careful techniques and preparation for the flowers and foliage, so you will learn

  • How to properly create a structural flower base using chicken wire inside your vase

  • Proper chicken wire cutting

  • Flower conditioning, cleaning 

  • The different cutting angles for soft, hard and wooden stems



All online flower school tutorials and floral design classes are conducted by Kaye Anthon, the founder of ATELIER A.

She is known for her expertise, training, and innovation in the world of floristry, flower arrangement, and floral composition.

After working for years in floristry, Kaye decided to share her knowledge and experience with students. She wants to share her love for flowers with the whole world!