To foster depth and diversity in your flower arrangements, you must have a variety of vases and vessels.


As much as flowers require thoughtful details to make them stand out, the vases you choose require the same care and thought to showcase creativity, artistry and elegance.


Learn about the many different looks you can create with a robust vase collection and see how each can bring your flower bouquet or creation to life for different purposes events or occasions.

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  • Why you need a wide variety of vases

  • What each type and size of vase is for

  • The compositional methods used for each kind of vase

  • Correct vase cleaning and care

  • Where you can source basic and specialty vases



All online flower school tutorials and floral design classes are conducted by Kaye Anthon, the founder of ATELIER A.

She is known for her expertise, training, and innovation in the world of floristry, flower arrangement, and floral composition.

After working for years in floristry, Kaye decided to share her knowledge and experience with students. She wants to share her love for flowers with the whole world!